Located in the National Capital Region, THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY is a boutique university, committed to building competency in engineering, management, law, research and in exploring newer applications of industrial relevance. The University’s value based, inter – disciplinary and industry ready curriculum, quality intellectual faculty resource, dedicated staff, research focus, and a superior enabling and supporting physical and academic infrastructure, makes it the most preferred educational destination. Come be a part of this unique institution. Come take the leap.

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(Formerly ITM University, Gurgaon)




ITM University Gurgaon has come a long way since its inception in 1996. As a stake holder in the ITM family, you have known us to be continuously evolving and challenging conventions. In a span of nearly two decades, we have grown to be one of the foremost educational institutions in the country. As a testimony of this fact, you will be delighted to know that we have been ranked No.1 Emerging University in India by the Higher Education Review in April 2015 and also achieved the First Rank in Private Universities in Haryana in June 2015. This has been possible due to continued hard work and unstinted support and advice given by all stake holders of the University over a period of time.

To further expand our vision and to take our University to greater heights, we are happy to announce that ITM University has rebranded itself as ‘THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY’ or ‘NCU’ for short. The new name, we believe captures the essence of our vision, our guiding principles and our mission for excellence. It is inspired by our geographical location in the north of the country in the National Capital Region. Our new logo has the “Bridge”, a mnemonic which represents the connection between the ‘classroom and the real world’ using multidisciplinary value based education imprinted with an industry relevant curriculum.

This rebranding has been necessitated by a variety of factors, external and internal. As you are aware, since our establishment in 1996, the ITM brand attained iconic status and became synonymous with innovation and excellence in academics. It also evoked a sense of trust and integrity amongst its stakeholders. However, it did not reflect our evolution from an institute of technology and management to a University offering multidisciplinary courses engaged in cutting edge research. In addition, certain other universities/institutions were also using the same acronym i.e. ITM, which was confusing our stakeholders and public at large. The need of the hour called for a smart new and distinct identity that symbolizes innovation, creativity and our geographical location in the North of country and close to the National Capital. This process of rebranding is complete and approval of the Government has been received. However there may be certain queries with regard to rebranding for which we’ve answered some common questions under FAQ's which, we are sure will provide you with the answers. Apart from the FAQ’s, we will continue to utilize a variety of communications to keep our stakeholders updated on the progress of our rebranding.  

Regular activities occur on and off campus and are open to all students. The NCU campus is spirited by the number and diversity of its student’s organizations. Many students' groups are dedicated to community service and social action. The office of students' activities serves as a living-learning centre for students to coordinate a broad range of social, cultural, intellectual, educational and leadership programmes. Students have varied opportunities to participate in the performing arts - in theatre productions, music ensembles or dance groups, or to become involved in committees that sponsor speakers or organize cultural festivals.  Read More

We value the interactions between the university and its surrounding communities, whether these interactions happen through caring for the disadvantaged, sharing with the deprived, educating the illiterate and encouraging the helpless, loving the destitute and donating a little blood , or service learning courses. Programmes for the underprivileged through - Yukti, an organization aimed at enabling others, are regularly held. Blood donation camps and other social welfare activities like charity, visits to orphanages and old age homes, by the students are organized regularly. Students are encouraged to serve the community, with a view to broadening their horizons and inculcating values which can help them grow into role models, both as technocrats as well as caring human beings.

Kindle the entrepreneur in you

The objectives of the E-Cell at THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY, Gurgaon, are:

  • To shape the entrepreneurial attitudes of the students across the university.
  • To provide possible support/hand-holding to the potential student entrepreneurs i.e. students with entrepreneurial intent.


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